DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL. Active ingredient: Lidocainhydrochloride 1H2O. Application: for temporary, symptomatic pain relief on mucous membranes, gums and lips. Please note: For information on risks and side-effects please read the package insert and consult your doctor or pharmacist. Valid: January 2021. Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH, D–65203 Wiesbaden

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DYNEXAN MOUTH GEL, Anaesthetic gel for oral application DYNEXAN MOUTH GEL, Anaesthetic gel for oral application

Stops the pain


DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL - stops the pain

DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL has been providing effective pain relief on gums, lips and mucous membranes in the mouth for many years. The active ingredient of DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL helps to inhibit pain transmission and prevent pain caused by mouth ulcers, pressure points, gingivitis, herpes, and teething.

A tiny pea-sized amount is enough for topical applications. Parents with teething babies appreciate the gel as effective and child-appropriate relief during the teething stage.

Dental practices can use DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL in a cylindrical ampoule for painless periodontitis therapy or professional cleaning. Using DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL in the cylindrical ampoule not only reduces the total amount of medication used, but also offers increased comfort to the patient: no pain from the injection and no prolonged numbness after treatment. The ampoules are available to end consumers at pharmacies in packets of two.

Kreussler Pharma - DYNEXAN MOUTH GEL - Tube and cylindrical ampoules

Packaging sizes:

  • Tube with 10 g
  • Tube with 30 g
  • Cylindrical ampoules 2 x 1,7 g
  • Cylindrical ampoules 4 x 1,7 g

Please note: Not all indications and package sizes are available in every country. Trade names may vary from country to country. Information on this website is based on German Summary of Product Characteristics. Please refer to your national marketing authorization.

Kreussler Pharma - DYNEXAN MOUTH GEL - Tube 10g


  • rapid effectiveness within 60 seconds
  • very good side-effect profile (< 0,01 %)
  • free from alcohol, sugar, gluten, and lactose
  • suitable for adults, children, and babies
  • available over the counter
Kreussler Pharma - DYNEXAN MOUTH GEL - Graph 1

Graph 1: Pain experienced following a surgical procedure and use of DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL and placebo gel (Helb, Willershausen, 2005)

Kreussler Pharma - DYNEXAN MOUTH GEL - Graph 1

Graph 2: Comparison of local anesthetic potency (%) and duration (adapted from Gruber, 1990)


Adults 4 to 8 times daily, children and babies up to 4 times daily: apply a pea-sized amount directly onto the painful area and massage if possible. Tip: dry the area by dabbing it with a cotton bud before application.

Application Areas

DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL for mouth ulcers

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Causes, types and treatment options for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers start out as small, yellowish-white blisters. They’re an injury of the mucous membrane and often cause pain or discomfort while talking, eating, drinking etc.

Mouth ulcers can affect anyone, regardless of age. 17% of the German population suffer from mouth ulcers up to five times a year. Mouth ulcers can develop on the mucous membranes, gums, tongue, palate or even the tonsils. Small, white, painful mouth ulcers can regularly affect some people. They are generally considered to be recurring, localised injuries of the mucous membrane in the mouth. Starting as little yellow-white blisters, they can burst and turn into an open sore. Mouth ulcers are almost always harmless, non-infectious and tend to heal on their own within a week or two.

As it is mostly the pain that irritates, fast and powerful relief should be the main focus of treatment. DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL with its active ingredient, Lidocaine relieves pain quickly and effectively and is well tolerated. It also contains no alcohol, sugar, lactose or gluten. Due to its constituents, DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL is not only suitable for adults, but also babies and children.


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Sores from braces

So you finally got your new braces! Whether fixed or removable, they are an unfamiliar object in your mouth, rubbing and pinching and getting in the way whilst talking – even the teeth themselves hurt like mad. The pain gets much worse if pressure spots or sores start developing. These small open wounds on the inside of cheeks and lips and on the gums or tongue can be extremely painful and they may become infected.

Orthodontists often supply a special orthodontic wax when fitting new braces, which can also be purchased at pharmacies. It creates a barrier between the braces and the inside of the mouth and reduces constant pressure and irritation. But often wax is not enough – for instance if the sores are too large. This is where analgesic products can help. These topical anaesthetics numb the pain locally for a few hours. The anaesthetic DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL is available over the counter at pharmacies.

DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL for teething

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Please note: Not all indications and package sizes are available in every country. Trade names may vary from country to country. Information on this website is based on German Summary of Product Characteristics. Please refer to your national marketing authorization.

Tips against pain and redness

During the teething process, your baby’s milk teeth break through the gums. This generally happens between 6 and 30 months of age. The crown of the tooth is already fully developed at this point and it’s the growth of the roots which pushes the teeth upwards. The 20 milk teeth appear at different stages, with the incisors coming first, followed by the first molar, then the canines and finally the second milk molar. Unlike with the second dentition, when the milk teeth emerge there is a merging of the tissue surrounding both the tooth and the jawbone. This can cause pain and redness of the gums even before the teeth are visible.

Teething rings and the anaesthetic DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL can provide relief during these painful phases. Some parents have concerns that the active ingredient Lidocaine could be harmful to their child. Lidocaine has been known for decades and is a well-studied anaesthetic for the gums. It has been approved for use in DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL with no age restriction, which includes usage in infants, babies and toddlers. Your child will be a minimum of 6 months old when teething begins, with an average weight of approximately 7.3 kg. As DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL contains 20mg Lidocaine per gram of gel, a maximum of 4 pea-sized (0.4g) applications per day equals about 16mg Lidocaine (i.e. 2.2mg per kg body weight). This is within the standard dosage referenced in the literature.

Unlike many other medications, our gel contains no alcohol or sugar; it is also gluten and lactose free. It has been used successfully for decades for the treatment of teething pains.

About Kreussler

More than 100 years of experience and family tradition

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH with its two divisions Kreussler Pharma and Kreussler Textilchemie was founded in 1912 by Christian Kreussler. It has been under the ownership of the founding family Travers-Kreussler for four generations. Highly specialised, forward-thinking, with a strong international orientation and independent of big corporate interests: these are Kreussler’s defining attributes. Innovative strength and a strong scientific basis are our determining success factors. This shows in our healthcare products - where the interests of patients, doctors and pharmacists are key; as well as our highly concentrated, user friendly products for professional textile care.

Research, development and production

Since its foundation in 1948, Kreussler Pharma has been primarily developing, producing and distributing pharmaceuticals, medical products and cosmetics both nationally and internationally. Inspired by tradition, we produce almost exclusively at our main company location in Wiesbaden.

To guarantee quality assurance of the production process and environment, we follow the principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practice (GMP) for pharmaceuticals, medical products, and cosmetics. This is subject to regular controls by the relevant German supervisory authority. Additionally, wide areas of production are certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Please note: Not all indications and package sizes are available in every country. Trade names may vary from country to country. Information on this website is based on German Summary of Product Characteristics. Please refer to your national marketing authorization.


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